[Pibe-division] cvi swirly map sugggestions use one student has cnetral vision and student peripheral vision nonverbal

Sara Rooz sararooz at gmail.com
Tue May 15 20:24:26 UTC 2012

Hi Colleagues:
I teach two students who have  multiple disabilities are nonverbal, have developmental have developmental disabilities and sit in wheelchairs. These students have cvi. One student uses central vision and the other student uses peripheral vision.  Both students have visual acuity of 20/5400. Both students can only see brightly colored items presented 6-8 inches from the student's eyes. Can the cvi mat be used to have the students to track a slowly moving toy horizontally and vertically along the mat? Anny other ideas how I can use  the CVI mat with my students? Thanks for any suggestions.
Sara Rooz
Certified Teacher the Blind and Visually Impaired in New York
Independent Related Service Provider Vision Education Services New York City
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