[Pibe-division] urgent howlong does Cse can delay sending parent of student receiving educational vvision services in New York Citycopy of student's Iep? Sara Rooz

Sara Rooz sararooz at gmail.com
Wed May 30 17:03:59 CDT 2012

Hi List:
Can a certified tvi working in New York City answer my question. One of my student's parent hasn't received a copy of the student's Iep with the student's goals and short term objectives for educational vision services. How long does the CSE have the opportunity not to send the the Iep with all goals and short term objectives that have been submitted by myself the student's certified Teacher the Blind and Visually Impaired and other related service provider ot, pt and speech therapists. Each professional has submitted this student's goals and short term objectives as well as an annual progress report on this student's progress to the committee of special education but the parent hasn't received the Iep for next year and is anxious about me teaching this student and the other related services this students getting. This student is visually impaired with additional disabilities but has made many stridesiin the areas of educational vision services, ot, pt and speech. How do I proceed to assist this parent? Can I contact the local cse chairperson and request that the parent receive the student's Iep quickly. The student's annual review was at  the end of April. I may be incorrect. but to my understanding doesn't a parent get a copy of their child's updated Iep at the CSE annual review? Please assist me. I am determined to do what I need to assist this parent. 
Sara Rooz
Certified Teacher of  the Blind and Visually Impaired in New York
Independent Related Service Provider Vision Education Services in New York City
CSE district 20 in Brooklyn, New York
email: sararooz at gmaiol.com
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