[Pibe-division] Interesting job available at the Maryland School for the Blind

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Blind Piano tuners actually express the same concerns saying they need
not one but a few more people to come there for them and do some of
the things that only sighted people could do while they tune the piano
and they say they are paying a fortune or giving up their jobs in the
end because they can no longer manage that.

On 3/13/16, Sandy Bishop via PIBE-Division <pibe-division at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> My daughter is receiving services (starting tomorrow) from 2 itinerant TVIs
> working from the Outreach department of MSB on a rotating basis (2 out of
> every 3 days). They are covering the workload for a teacher who recently
> retired in my county. It would be difficult (but not impossible) for a
> non-driving TVI to do this job. They drive an hour from MSB/Baltimore-area
> to my daughter's school to work with her for an hour. They have other
> students at other schools in this county. They have worked in other
> counties in Maryland. Arranging transportation from home (wherever that is)
> to another county/school district, working with a caseload of students,
> possibly not all located at the same school could be a nightmare. In my
> area, public transportation is a joke and I have no idea how reliable or
> timely the other options are. It could be why they are including the
> driving qualification. Not saying it's right, but I can see the
> difficulties of a non-driver to get to the various job/school sites.
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>> The requirement for a class C drivers' license is where I believe
>> there is possible discrimination.  Is that an essential function of
>> the job or a reasonable accommodation?  Many blind people have had
>> jobs requiring a the ability to travel from one location to another
>> and different options have been worked out.
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