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Thanks!  It does help.






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I am using an older Cosori air fryer, can't think of the model number right
offhand, but it is one of the ones that's like a toaster oven instead of the
drawer style.  I am really happy with it, it is controlled by Alexa and the
phone app seems to work well, too, I have used it a bit but not as much as
Alexa.  The one thing to be aware of is that if Alexa goes out or the phone
isn't working, I can't operate that particular air fryer. It has one of
those dials that just turns freely and when you get to the function you want
I think you press it in, so there are no clicks or any way to label it.
But, I would say I really like this air fryer even so.


Hope this helps!


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Subject: [Small-Appliance-Cooking] Air Fryer Purchase


I am considering the purchase of an Air Fryer. I am looking at the

COSORI Air Fryer 6.8Qt, Dual Blaze with 360 ThermoIQ Tech - Upper and Lower
Heating Elements for Precise Temperature Control and Even Cooking

Has anyone used this, or any Cosoni Air Fryer. You can control with Amazon
device apparently, and an older review of Cosoni I found said that the
iPhone app was completely accessible.

Any experiences would be helpful and appreciated.


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