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[I don't mean to insult you by telling you things you already know, but I'm assuming you haven't used the device much yet.]

I have the FD102Q FOODI(r) 11-in-1 5-QT.PRESSURE COOKER, which I bought from QVC. This is smaller than their more popular 6.5 and 8 quart models, but it works very well for me.

I'll give you a few details here, but happy to go into more if you need it. The device I have is round, like a pressure cooker, and it has a membrane keypad on the front. You can feel the keys when you press them, but they do not beep. I placed locator dots on all the keys except the time up/down and temperature up/down keys. Those keys are wide and discrete enough that I didn't feel the need to label them.

There were two challenging things for me in learning how to use this device; 1, keypad layout, and 2. The Different time and temperature ranges for each option. I learned these options by working with a Be My Eyes volunteer for about ninety minutes or so.

Starter tip: In case you are wondering, you first press the power button, press the function you want, set the temperature, then set the time, put the air crisp or pressure lid in place, then hit the start button.

Next, I'll include a basic keypad layout. Below that, I'll include the time and temperature ranges for each function. I hope this is useful. I really enjoy using my Foodi. Have fun and good luck.


Control panel layout:
Top Row:
Temp_Up/Down LCD_Display Time_Up/down

Second Row:
Pressure Steam Slow_Cook Yogurt Sear/Saute

Third Row:
Sous_Vide [Air_Crisp] [Bake/Roast] Broil Dehydrate

Bottom Row:
Keep_Warm Start/Stop Power

Mode Settings:
Defaults: Hi, 10 minutes
Temp Range: Hi, Lo
Temp Steps: Hi, Lo
Time Range: 1 minute - 4 hours
 Time Steps: 1 - 60 minutes: 1 minute, 1 - 4 hours: 5 minutes

Defaults: 10 minutes
Temp Range: N/A
Temp Steps: N/a
Time Range: 1 - 30 minutes
Time steps: 1 minute

Slow Cook:
Defaults: Hi, 4 hours(on low default time is 8 hours)
Temp Range: Hi, Lo
Temp Steps: Hi, Lo
Time Range: Hi: 4 - 12 hours, lo: 6 - 12 hours
Time steps: 15 minutes


Defaults: High
Temp Range: Low, low-medium, medium, medium-high, high
Temp Steps: Low, low-medium, medium, medium-high, high
Time range: n/a
Time steps: n/a

Sous Vide:
Defaults: 130 degrees,  3 hours
Temp Range: 105 - 190 degrees
temp steps: 5 degrees 
Time Range: 0 - 12 hours
Time steps: 15 minutes

Air Crisp:
Default: 390 degrees, 20 minutes
Temp Range: 300 - 400
Temp steps: 5 degrees
Time Range: 1 - 60 minutes
Time Steps: 1 minute

Defaults: 375 Degrees, 15 minutes
Temp Range: 250 - 400
Temp Steps: 5 degrees
Time Range: 1 minute - 4 hours
Time Steps: 1 - 60 minutes: 1 minute, 1 - 4 hours: 5 minutes

Defaults: 10 minutes
Temp Range: 450
Temp Steps: n/a
Time Range: 1 - 30 minutes
Time Steps: 1 minute

Defaults: 150 degrees, 6 hours
Temp Range: 80 - 195 degrees
Temp steps: 5 degrees
time range: 1 - 12 hours
time steps: 15 minutes

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I just got a ninja,
do any of you have one and how do you keep it simple to work.
I don't have the model number on mine in braille yet.
Got it from hsn.
This machine does lot of thing.
The lady read to me if you over cook it can cause smoke.
She was reading so much I got confused.
There are lots of buttons on it.
You can grill bake fry roast dehydrate.
Really a nice machine.

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