[Tall-Corn] blind Iowans get shorted by governor again

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Richard, part of the reason for the cuts is that they are having a budget
cut similar to that across the state for others. They are required to give
people a 4% raise every January whether or not they merit it, and they are
losing maybe 4%. Eight are from the library, not ten, though I think there
are two others. It is most unfortunate. I didn't see the article to which
you refer, but there was a good one in the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

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Greetings coleagues,

I see we've lost ten more positions at the library for hte blind.  One of
the reasons cited is so-called "digital braille."

I hate to tell these clowns this, but "digital braille" is only digital if
one is using a braille display to read it.  Or, if one has a braille
embosser to make hardcopy.
Otherwise, reading braille with syntehsized speech is not using braille

IF folks are wondering what I"m referencing, I am referencing an article in
the state news section of the Burlington Hawkeye for February 26.

Richard Webb

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