[Tall-Corn] blind Iowans get shorted by governor again

Bob Ray rjray at q.com
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Richard, The articles missed a few of the points I think. The impact of the
digital age on the library is that they are still circulating a fair amount
of Braille material but they no longer are doing as much non-hardcopy
circulation. I believe the last figure I saw the number of hardcopy pieces
they are handling, these includes Braille, recorded, and large print, is
down by something like fifteen percent. Here is one that isn't going to
impact the budget today but it will over the next several years is the fact
they are storing newly produced Braille material digitally so it isn't using
up their space as mujch. What a moving target the whole thing is these days.
There are no straight forward answers.

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Thanks for posting that JErad, it can be acfcessed via nfb newsline as well.

It appears the Cedar Rapids article was more in depth than the ap reprint
the Burlington paper picked up.



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