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Brian Mackey bmackey88 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 22:33:13 UTC 2018

Greetings to all,


For many of you who don't know me, I am NFB of Iowa Webmaster Brian Mackey.
After multiple years of not having a website, I am proud to announce the
re-launch of the National Federation of the Blind of Iowa's website,
www.nfbi.org <http://www.nfbi.org> .


This version of the site is powered on a web publishing platform call
Drupal. Many of you will recognize the design of the site because it uses a
layout similar to the national layout, with some differences unique to the


In order to get the site up before the state convention, Jerad asked me to
put up the most urgent items up now and then we can fill in some of the
additional content in future updates to the site.


So, to view content relevant to the state convention, please visit
www.nfbi.org/convention <http://www.nfbi.org/convention> .


One of the things I would like to have added to the site somewhere down the
road is a history of the affiliate. Next year's state convention
registration form will be a form hosted directly on www.nfbi.org
<http://www.nfbi.org> .


In order to make sure that what is posted to the site is working, and
current, I will need your help to periodically review the content on the
site. Whatever you see incorrect or broken, please let me know at
bmackey88 at gmail.com <mailto:bmackey88 at gmail.com> . I am currently working
with David Andrews to resolve an issue with our in house email server. Once
resolved, I will create a webmaster email account for myself. All revisions
and updates to the site will be performed by myself, but I will accept
content from Jerad or whoever else he feels I should receive content from.


Thank you for your patience and enjoy your website.




Brian A. Mackey

Brian A. Mackey, Webmaster
National Federation of the Blind of Iowa
Email:  <mailto:bmackey88 at gmail.com> bmackey88 at gmail.com
Website: www.nfbi.org <http://www.nfbi.org>  
Live the life you want.

The National Federation of the Blind of Iowa is a community of members and
friends who believe in the hopes and dreams of the nation's blind. Every day
we work together to help blind people live the lives they want.



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