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Normally I wouldn't just put something out on this list that is promoting a
specific company. In this case I have done it because Pat has a long history
of working with the NFBI and this is promoting a new piece of technopogy. 


I don't need to remind you that I am forwarding this to the this list.


Bob Ray

From: Patrick Fischer <patrick at nanopac.com> 
Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 1:01 PM
To: rjray at q.com
Subject: Get a 14-cell Braille display and a 40-cell Braille display for


Good afternoon Bob,


I hope you are doing great!  


The window of opportunity to get a Humanware Brailliant BI 14-cell braille
display and the new (latest and greatest) Humanware Brailliant BI 40-cell
braille display for $2875.00 is ending in a few weeks.  Nanopac has setup a
system and we make this easy to order as you only have to pay for the
Brailliant BI 14-cell now for $895.00 plus shipping, and then when the new
Brailliant BI 40-cell braille display ships in January, pay the difference
of $1980.00 plus shipping for the BI 40.   The new Brailliant BI 40-cell
braille display even comes with an extra year of warranty for a total of 3
years.  This offer will expire in 2020 and next January 2021 the price will
be $3195.00 for the Brailliant BI 40-cell braille display and it will not
come with the extra one year warranty, or the Brailliant BI 14-cell braille


Here are the features that come with the Brailliant BI 40-cell braille
display which are not found in other braille displays.

Smart Applications

*	Featuring KeySoft Lite 
*	Onboard braille translation (Convert print to braille and vice
*	Exam mode - Locks the user out of internal data access while in an
Exam environment
*	Calculator
*	Victor Reader to read books - Online books including
Bookshare/NFB/BARD and Audio books
*	File manager - Organise and move files from USB to internal storage
*	KeyPad - Create, open and edit files (txt, docx, dox, brf, brl)
*	Provisioned for future Alexa capabilities using its built-in


The Brailliant BI 40-cell braille display comes with 21st century

*	The first display with Bluetooth 5 
*	Double the speed and x4 times the range
*	offering future IOT 

*	32 GB internal storage
*	WiFi Supporting 2.4 and 5ghz
*	USB port for external peripherals such as memory sticks
*	USB -C Never the wrong way / Mass storage
*	Stereo Speaker
*	Audio Jack and Volume keys
*	Dedicated Home key
*	Built in microphone 


The new Brailliant BI 40-cell braille display IS FASTER, STRONGER, and
SMARTER with its Wireless access - Supporting 2.4 and 5ghz - to online
services such as NLS BARD, NFB Newsline, BookShare, and more.


Please text me, call me, or email me to order your 14-cell braille display
now and get locked in on this special offer.


Take care,


Patrick (Pat) J. Fischer

Service and Sales

M: (402) 699-4357

patrick at nanopac.com <mailto:patrick at nanopac.com> 


NanoPac, Inc.

TF:  (800) 580-6086

Fax: 918-665-0361



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