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Jim Rechkemmer j.rechkemmer at mchsi.com
Tue Dec 29 21:40:45 UTC 2020


I have felt that people give to organizations and causes because those
organizations and causes fulfill a need in a donor not because the
organization or cause needs are fulfilled.


As blind folks, one of the most important services that we receive from the
Iowa Department for the Blind is access to the Iowa Library for the Blind
and Physically Handicapped and through that to the National Library Services
for the Blind and Print Disabled.  The books, magazines and other materials
that they provide in multiple formats educate, entertain, enlighten and
amuse us.


For the past 15 years the Friends of the Iowa Library for the Blind and
Physically Handicapped (Friends) have raise thousands of dollars for
donation to the Library in support of the services that we receive from the
Library.  This support allows library staff to stretch appropriated funds to
pay for materials and services the Library could otherwise not provide.
Some of these include individual cartridges for each patron, 3-D printer to
support educational activities, support of the Braille Challenge,
educational material and space for younger readers.


If like me, the library fills a need in your life, (in my case the library
services are something I use every day), and you can afford a financial
contribution to the Friends, I encourage you to fill out the attached
membership enrollment card and send it with your check payable to the
Friends at P.O. Box 93046, Des Moines 50393-3046.  Or you can visit the
Friends website http://www.iafriendslibraryfortheblind.org.


As an incentive to enroll new members, the board of the Friends have offered
a challenge pool.  For each of the first 50new members who join before
February 28, 2021 at any level, $20 will be contributed from the challenge
pool.  "New member" is defined as someone who has not been a member for at
least 2 years.  We know that there are at least 50 library patrons who can
afford a membership.  We hope you are one of them and will join us in
capturing the entire challenge pool and fulfill one of your needs.


Thank you for your attention and consideration.


Don Wirth

Board Member

Friends of the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped



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