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Sending this along as it will be helpful through the week!

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Good Afternoon Family:

Welcome to the 80th national convention of the National Federation of the Blind, our first ever virtual convention! Now that I have participated in my first 2 convention sessions, I'm writing to point out a few Zoom tips which have not been mentioned in previous emails from the Maryland tech support team, including one correction of mistaken information in one of my recorded tutorials.

1. In my audio tutorial on participating in a Zoom meeting on an iOS device, I said that a participant can raise their hand using a button in the "More" tab of the app's meeting screen. I just learned that this is no longer correct. To raise your hand, you now have to double tap on the button labeled “Participants." Near the bottom of that screen, there is a series of options, one of which is "raise hand." There are also other options in this section allowing a participant to answer yes or no or to ask the host to speak faster or slower.  These are no longer labeled as buttons, but you can still double tap on them. In order to get to "raise hand" quickly, I touched near the center of the bottom of the screen, just above the home button (or where the home button used to be).
2. As we enter larger and larger meetings throughout the week, screen readers will inundate us with notifications of people joining or leaving a meeting, among other alerts, unless we choose to temporarily mute our screen readers. In the case of iOS, VoiceOver will also read any closed captioning that is being provided, which can interfere with a participant's ability to hear the meeting. To mute these alerts on iOS, turn VoiceOver's speech off by doing a 3-finger double tap—that is, tap the screen twice with 3 fingers. On Windows, if you are using JAWS, press JAWS key + space, then press s after you hear the clicking sound. JAWS will say "speech on demand." You can also download an add-on which will allow you to have further control over the alerts you receive by visiting www.hartgen.org/zoom.
3. I know this was discussed in our live Zoom training, but I can't emphasize enough the absolute necessity of muting when not speaking, especially if someone is giving a presentation. To do so on Windows, press alt a; on the Mac, press option a; on the mobile app, double tap on the "Mute" button; and on the phone, press star 6. If you are not sure whether or not you are muted, check the participants panel (alt u on Windows, option u on Mac, "Participants" button on the mobile app).
4. A note on CrowdCompass: In the iOS app, the "Open Zoom" button does not directly open the Zoom app as I was expecting it to do. Instead, it opens Safari to an individual meeting's page on the Zoom Web site. So, in order to join the meeting, you have to navigate on that page down to the link labeled "Launch Meeting." Double tap that link and a popup will appear asking if you want to open the next page in Zoom. Double tap the "open" button and you will be placed in the meeting within the Zoom app.

I hope this information helps. As always, Brian, Derrick and I are ready and happy to take your questions and try to troubleshoot any problems which may arise. Enjoy the rest of Seminar Day!   

Chris Nusbaum
(443) 547-2409
cnusbaumnfb at gmail.com
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