[Tall-Corn] FW: Trade in your Apex or your Vario Ultra for the Humanware 20-cell Bi 20X

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Wed Jun 2 16:01:40 UTC 2021

Below is a message from Patrick Fisher from Nanopac. I haven't read the
whole message but there is one fact that you may want to consider. The BI
20X is the same basic machine as the E-reader that many of us are already
using. The only additions would be the fact that it has an editor and more
capabilities coming soon. 


Bob Ray



From: Patrick Fischer <patrick at nanopac.com> 
Sent: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 9:26 AM
To: Pat Fischer <pfischer at accessibility.net>
Subject: Trade in your Apex or your Vario Ultra for the Humanware 20-cell Bi


Good morning Iowa Braille Readers!


I hope this email finds everyone of you doing great!  Patrick Fischer with
NanoPac here, and today I am promoting the Humanware 20-cell, Brailliant Bi
20X braille display.  Using its Bluetooth, you can connect it to your iOS
device and control everything from this braille display.  Plus you can
connect it to Bookshare, NLS Bard, and NFB Newsline and read books!  There
is a free upgrade coming that will add audio support so you can listen to
audio books, extending the availability to your favorite books and novels.  


With its built-in editor you can open various file types including DOCX,
DOC, TXT, PDF, BRF, BRL, and more.  Its basic notetaking allows you to make
notes during meetings and classes.  Its small form factor makes it a very
sweet braille display for everyone to own.  


Trade in your old Vario ultra 20 and get $100 off, or trade in your old Apex
and get $200 off.  This trade-in special expires on June 30th and so please
lock your trade-in today.


Did you know that Humanware built the Chameleon 20 braille display for APH?
The Humanware Bi 20X is everything that the Chameleon 20 is, plus so much
more.  I have attached a document that compares the two braille displays.
The big difference that the Humanware Bi 20X has that the Chameleon 20 does
not have is Keysoft.  The Humanware Bi 20X also works with NFB Newsline, has
2 year warranty as opposed to 1 year, and it comes with lifetime support
from NanoPac where APH has less support.  


If you have any questions or would like to know more, I will glad to help


Have a great day!


Patrick (Pat) J. Fischer

Service and Sales

M: (402) 699-4357

patrick at nanopac.com <mailto:patrick at nanopac.com> 


NanoPac, Inc.

TF:  (800) 580-6086

Fax: 918-665-0361



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