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This seems like a strange question to be asking here but just recently
someone asked me what the E-Reader Pilot Project was. It may a be a good
idea for all of us to ask other blind people here in the state if they know
about this project. I find it interesting that the library was given 243
units for this project and they still have approximately 75 of them just
taking up space on the shelf. If you talk to someone that might be
interested but is afraid to try it let them know that there are several
volunteers that would be more than happy to help them get started.


All that is required to be eligible for the program is to be a Braille user
that is registered with the Iowa Library. There is no cost involved and no
complex forms to fill out.


Braille reading is very important to all of us and I know of at least one
person that finds using an electronic Braille device easier to read than
hard copy paper. Yes, there is a learning curve with it but there are any
number of us throughout the state that would be glad to help get you stated.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Bob Ray

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