[Tall-Corn] This Message is for Richard Webb and Anyone Else Who Would Like to Read It

Julie McCullough juliemccullough319 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 18:20:04 UTC 2021

Hi Richard,

I am your former classmate, Julie. I remember that you read very rapidly, as do I. However, I'm sure I'm not nearly as fast as you are. There is a feature of the ereader that you might enjoy, and that is the automatic scrolling feature. I tried it a few times and thought I had it under control because you can control the scrolling rate, but I found that it tended to skip. Others may have more expertise on this feature than I do.

I perhaps could have sent you an individual message, but I'm not sure that I can get to the list because I chose to be signed up automatically. If I can still do it, someone please tell me how. Richard, it may be just as well that I have contacted you through Tall Corn because others may be able to tell both of us more about the automatic scrolling feature on the ereader and whether or not they like it. Enjoy the rest of convention.

Grace and Peace,


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