[Tall-Corn] Looking for Blind Carpenters

Richard nf5b at mediacombb.net
Mon Sep 27 02:05:43 UTC 2021


I've done this sort of work over the years.  My grandfather was a good 
carpenter and taught me a few things, by the way blind from birth.

Notice the recent discussion of the rotomatic rule, a blind man's 
measuring tool which occurred on this list.  That's one tool a blind 
carpenter might use.  There are many other adaptive tools.

If your friend hasn't contacted the dept for the lbind he should, and bug 
them about helping him get equipped to ply his trade as a blind person.

I'm more than glad to talk to him. My phone number is

319-850-7222 but he might hear something strange calling me from an 
unknown number.
Still tell him to be persistent if he doesn't make contact on the first 
call.  IF he has a way to send a text first with info on the phone number 
that will be calling that will helop ease the way, but either way I'll try 
to communicate with him and help him out.

He's the kind of guy we really need more of in the nfb these days.  WE 
need people who are craftspeople and who actually do things with their 
hands and minds.  Stem is nice, bureaucrats are good too, but we need 
people who actually make things.  Hard as spread out as we are to help 
folks, and the rehab agencies are more inclined toward the independent 
living thing.

If he has some time to spend at the orientation center in Des Moines the 
shop program would do him a good benefit, but  if not I'll do what I can 
to help.  Encourage him to give me a call.  If not, shoot me his phone 
number and name and tell him I"ll be giving him a call.


Richard Webb

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