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Limited Time Opportunity for Careers in Rehabilitation of the Blind

Scholarships are now available!

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness

Louisiana Tech University


Structured Discovery Cane Travel (SDCT) and Structured Discovery
Rehabilitation have been demonstrated to be among the most innovative and
effective forms of rehabilitation training for individuals who are blind or
visually impaired. Louisiana Tech University has operated its Orientation
and Mobility program on this model successfully for 18 years, with upwards
of 90% successful employment and employer satisfaction rates. 


Louisiana Tech is excited to announce that along with its O&M program, it
has expanded its training and has also launched a brand-new concentration in
Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind. 


Scholarships remain available, but are only guaranteed for one more year,
for qualified individuals seeking one of the following degree paths:

*	Master of Arts in Counseling/Guidance with Concentration in
Orientation and Mobility. 
*	Master of Arts in Counseling and Guidance with Concentration in
Rehabilitation Teaching for the Blind


Why me?

*	The field of educating and rehabilitating children and adults who
are blind is deeply rewarding and life-changing. 
*	The job market is wide open; currently, we receive four times the
number of employer requests than we have graduates to provide. 
*	Training occurs on campus in Ruston, Louisiana, and can be completed
in as little as one year. 
*	No prior background or experience in blindness is necessary-we'll
teach you everything you need to know. 
*	Scholarships are provided on a competitive basis to qualified
persons and can cover costs for attending the university.
*	Scholarships also support travel to conferences, trainings, and
field-based experiences at Structured Discovery training programs.  


Who can Apply?

Individuals must already possess a Bachelor's (B.A.) degree from an
accredited university, have a grade point average of 2.5 and obtain a
minimum of 287 (Verbal and Quantitative) on the Graduate Records Examination
(GRE). Individuals must also be willing to attend courses on campus in
Ruston, Louisiana on a full-time basis.  


What's the Catch?

*	Payback through service is required. Agreement to receive
scholarship funding requires commitment for you to work in the field of
rehabilitation for two years for each year of scholarship support you
*	Scholarships cover at least tuition and fees but may cover living
and travel costs as well. 
*	You have to move to Ruston, work hard, study harder, and have the
heart to be an O&M or Rehabilitation Teacher of blind persons. 


Where do I get started?

*	For program details, visit:  <http://www.pdrib.com> www.pdrib.com
*	Send an email for more information to:   <mailto:ebell at latech.edu>
ebell at latech.edu or call Edward Bell to discuss your application:



Edward C. Bell, Ph.D., CRC, NOMC, Director, 

Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness

Louisiana Tech University

600 Mayfield Ave / 210 Woodard Hall

PO Box 3158

Ruston LA 71272

Office: 318.257.4554                      Fax: 318.257.2259 

ebell at latech.edu <mailto:ebell at latech.edu>   www.pdrib.com


"I am somehow less interested in the weight and convolutions of  Einstein's
brain than in the near certainty that people of equal  talent have lived and
died in cotton fields and sweatshops."

-- Stephen Jay Gould




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