[vendtalk] More phones and trial version now supported by KNFB Reader Mobile

James Gashel jim at knfbreader.com
Tue Dec 22 21:37:14 UTC 2009

From: James Gashel [mailto:jim at knfbreader.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 22, 2009 12:45 PM
To: Reader users list (reader-users at nfbnet.org)
Subject: More phones and trial version now supported

All -- Please see the notice below which announces a new release of 
the Mobile Reader software.  This release is limited to adding 
support for several additional Nokia phones and to allow use of a 
trial license for a 14 day free evaluation period.  This release does 
not include other new features, such as color recognition and glare 
detection, which have been discussed and are still being 
developed.  Please note that installation of the release announced 
below is not considered necessary to replace version 6.1.11 since new 
functionality for the Mobile Reader itself is not being added.


This notice is being distributed to announce two important 
developments intended to make K-NFB Reading Technology's Mobile 
Reader products more widely available throughout the United States 
and around the world.  These changes have also required a new 
release, version 6.3.1, of the Mobile Reader software now available 
for download at knfbreader.com.

Please note that this release does not contain new features or 
functionality aside from supporting additional phones and allowing 
the software to operate for a time-limited trial period.  Therefore, 
installation of this version is not considered necessary for current users.


The phones now supported with the initial release of version 6.3.1 
are the Nokia E71 (best used with the kReader Mobile), N79, N82, N85, 
N86, N95 8 GB, N95 North American model, and the Nokia 6220 
Classic.  Please note that changes in phone models and availability 
must be expected. However, phones which become unavailable from 
suppliers will continue to be supported for use with the Mobile 
Reader software when changes are made to support newer phones and 
models which become available.  This applies at present to the N82 
and the 6220 Classic.  For more information on each of these devices 
please visit our supported phones web page at

This page includes important information about each supported phone 
as well as links to obtain detailed specifications.  Please check 
back periodically to keep up to date as more phones are added to the 
list.  Checking with various suppliers for availability and price is 


We have been asked to create a means for trying out either the 
kReader Mobile or the knfbReader Mobile before making a purchasing 
decision, which is now possible with version 6.3.1.  The trial is a 
full version of the kReader Mobile or the knfbReader Mobile, 
whichever is chosen, but the activation period is limited to 14 
days.  The procedures used to install and activate the trial version 
are identical to the purchased product, but a special trial license 
must be obtained from an authorized Mobile Reader dealer


or from K-NFB Reading Technology's technical support service by email 
at: support at knfbreader.com or by phone at: (877) 547-1500.

Best Regards,

James Gashel
Vice President of Business Development
K-NFB Reading Technology, Inc.
Direct phone: (720) 878-4248
Fax: (781) 263-9999
Skype: james.gashel

email: jim at knfbreader.com

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