[vendtalk] virtual credit card terminal

Loren Wakefield isaiah5719 at mchsi.com
Sat Dec 26 04:15:41 UTC 2009

In connection with a business venture I came across a possible solution for those of us who need to have access to a speech-friendly credit card terminal.  It is web-based, and reads extremely will with Jaws 10 and 11.  I am guessing that it is also usuable with other versions of Jaws, or WE, however, I cannot vouch for that.  

The service is offered by First Data Services.  Of course there are costs associated with this service; however, it can give you the ability to accept mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex.  

I also have been able  to download a .pem file which contains a digital certificate allowing me to link it to a website.  

This may not be the answer to everything, however, it does allow us some alternative to not having access to a terminal that is totally unusuable for us.  
Loren Wakefield

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