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TO: Frank Collepardi, Chairperson N.J. Committee of Blind Operators
FROM: Tom Blume, N.J. BEP Licensed Operator
VOICE MAIL: 206-600-0181
DATE: Feb. 21, 2009
SUBJECT: Committee concerns and comments

I have received the "
Missing" minutes of the Committee meetings from May 2008 to Nov. 2008,
however if I did not ask you where are the missing "Committee meetings
minutes" you would of never provided them to the Operators.

I have read them and would like to let you know that "all minutes" must be
read at a regular Committee meeting and can only be approved at a regular
Committee meeting".

Please read "Robert's Rules, also your BY Laws states that the Committee
must follow "Robert's Rules, revised edition.

All of the minutes from May 2008 can not be called "minutes" because they
was not read and approved by the Committee at a regular Committee meetings.

These minutes can only be called "Notes", until they are approved by the
Committee at a regular Committee meeting.

Operators do not understand "why" you are constantly violating the,
Committees by Laws.

In the future, all minutes must be sent to all Committee members   prior to
a regular Committee meeting and then approved at that meeting, (motion:

I sincerely hope at the next Committee meeting, (March 7, 2009), you will
prevent any Committee member from "Verbally Attacking" me or any other

You're By Laws states this very clearly and I wish that you would read you'
re BY Laws and stop the "Violence" at any and all Committee meetings.

Also before any Committee member and or Operator discusses or reports on an
issue he or she must be prepared to provide supporting documents on
verifying how the information was obtained.

Example: Nick Gacos is known as the "National Blind News Reporter", however
most of the time his information is not accurate, you and your Committee
members are afraid of "Nick Gacos" and he is permitted to sometimes give a
"false report".

You and the Committee allow Nick Gacos to scare the Operators, sometimes
with a "Gloom and Doom" report.

You and your Committee members allow Nick Gacos sometimes to control the
meeting as if he was the "Chairperson".

I have discussed these issues with you in previous E-mails and you have
"always ignored" my concerns.

The Citizens of the U. S. has voted for change in our free nation and our
new President has promised to provide "Change".

We must have "Change in N. J., and it must start now...

As you know the Operators have always contacted me for accurate and truthful
information and I have always provided them with the information that they

I will be at the next Committee meeting on March 7, 2009.

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), has total control of the N.J.
Commission for the Blind and in return the Director must fund all of the NFB
's fund raising projects, such as BLAST!!!

This is the reason that the Committee had no other choice but to  "VOTE" to
provide a blank check for  each  of the Committee members to  attend BLAST
and in the pass "NO" Committee members has ever provided a report to the BEP

BLAST is known as one of the "largest" party's in the Nation, funded by
"State training funds".

Nick Gacos controls you and the Committee members.

Frank if you want the N.J. Justice Complex and also keep all of your other
BEP locations you must allow Nick Gacos to control you and your Committees.

Nick Gacos enjoys the "POWER" that he has over the Commission for the Blind
and the Committee.

The BEP Operators are aware of this and this is just one of many reasons why
your Committee meetings have a "LOW" attendants.

As Director of "Action for the Blind" I can not allow you or your Committee
members from withholding and providing false information to the Operators
and this is the reason why whenever you and your Committee members refuse to
discuss important issues that affect all of the Operators and ignore them
you leave me no other choice but to report the problems to the nation.
They, who feel no shame in doing what is obviously wrong, are the most
Shameful of all.

I will close with a quote which I live by:

 I'm not very good
At this Game called Life
For I've not learned to see children crying
Without feeling pain
For I've not learned to watch animals destroyed
Without wondering why
For I've not yet met a king or a celebrity
That I would bow down to
Or a man so insignificant
That I would use for a stepping-stone
For I've not learned to be a 'yes man'
To narrow minded bosses
Who quote rules without reason
And I've not learned to manipulate
The feelings of others
To be used for my own advantages
Then cast aside as I see fit
No, I'm not very good
At this Game called Life
And if everything goes well
Maybe I never will be

Action for the Blind
Thomas N. Blume, Director
VOICE MAIL: 206-600-0181
Email: blume at verizon.net

Action for the Blind is a dynamic organization, working with the blind and
partially sighted people to enable them to transform their lives.

Our mission is to inspire change and create opportunities to enable blind
and partially sighted people to have equal voice and equal choice.

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there
must never be a time when we fail to protest".

Elie Wiesel, Winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Peace

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