[vendtalk] BEP Concerns!!!

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If you have the support of your operators, why don't you run for committee 
and make the change rather than resting on the shoulders of Obama.

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> TO: Frank Collepardi, Chairperson N.J. Committee of Blind Operators
> FROM: Tom Blume, N.J. BEP Licensed Operator
> VOICE MAIL: 206-600-0181
> DATE: Feb. 21, 2009
> SUBJECT: Committee concerns and comments
> I have received the "
> Missing" minutes of the Committee meetings from May 2008 to Nov. 2008,
> however if I did not ask you where are the missing "Committee meetings
> minutes" you would of never provided them to the Operators.
> I have read them and would like to let you know that "all minutes" must be
> read at a regular Committee meeting and can only be approved at a regular
> Committee meeting".
> Please read "Robert's Rules, also your BY Laws states that the Committee
> must follow "Robert's Rules, revised edition.
> All of the minutes from May 2008 can not be called "minutes" because they
> was not read and approved by the Committee at a regular Committee 
> meetings.
> These minutes can only be called "Notes", until they are approved by the
> Committee at a regular Committee meeting.
> Operators do not understand "why" you are constantly violating the,
> Committees by Laws.
> In the future, all minutes must be sent to all Committee members   prior 
> to
> a regular Committee meeting and then approved at that meeting, (motion:
> 2008-05).
> I sincerely hope at the next Committee meeting, (March 7, 2009), you will
> prevent any Committee member from "Verbally Attacking" me or any other
> operator.
> You're By Laws states this very clearly and I wish that you would read 
> you'
> re BY Laws and stop the "Violence" at any and all Committee meetings.
> Also before any Committee member and or Operator discusses or reports on 
> an
> issue he or she must be prepared to provide supporting documents on
> verifying how the information was obtained.
> Example: Nick Gacos is known as the "National Blind News Reporter", 
> however
> most of the time his information is not accurate, you and your Committee
> members are afraid of "Nick Gacos" and he is permitted to sometimes give a
> "false report".
> You and the Committee allow Nick Gacos to scare the Operators, sometimes
> with a "Gloom and Doom" report.
> You and your Committee members allow Nick Gacos sometimes to control the
> meeting as if he was the "Chairperson".
> I have discussed these issues with you in previous E-mails and you have
> "always ignored" my concerns.
> The Citizens of the U. S. has voted for change in our free nation and our
> new President has promised to provide "Change".
> We must have "Change in N. J., and it must start now...
> As you know the Operators have always contacted me for accurate and 
> truthful
> information and I have always provided them with the information that they
> requested.
> I will be at the next Committee meeting on March 7, 2009.
> The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), has total control of the N.J.
> Commission for the Blind and in return the Director must fund all of the 
> 's fund raising projects, such as BLAST!!!
> This is the reason that the Committee had no other choice but to  "VOTE" 
> to
> provide a blank check for  each  of the Committee members to  attend BLAST
> and in the pass "NO" Committee members has ever provided a report to the 
> Operators.
> BLAST is known as one of the "largest" party's in the Nation, funded by
> "State training funds".
> Nick Gacos controls you and the Committee members.
> Frank if you want the N.J. Justice Complex and also keep all of your other
> BEP locations you must allow Nick Gacos to control you and your 
> Committees.
> Nick Gacos enjoys the "POWER" that he has over the Commission for the 
> Blind
> and the Committee.
> The BEP Operators are aware of this and this is just one of many reasons 
> why
> your Committee meetings have a "LOW" attendants.
> As Director of "Action for the Blind" I can not allow you or your 
> Committee
> members from withholding and providing false information to the Operators
> and this is the reason why whenever you and your Committee members refuse 
> to
> discuss important issues that affect all of the Operators and ignore them
> you leave me no other choice but to report the problems to the nation.
> ***
> They, who feel no shame in doing what is obviously wrong, are the most
> Shameful of all.
> I will close with a quote which I live by:
> I'm not very good
> At this Game called Life
> For I've not learned to see children crying
> Without feeling pain
> For I've not learned to watch animals destroyed
> Without wondering why
> For I've not yet met a king or a celebrity
> That I would bow down to
> Or a man so insignificant
> That I would use for a stepping-stone
> For I've not learned to be a 'yes man'
> To narrow minded bosses
> Who quote rules without reason
> And I've not learned to manipulate
> The feelings of others
> To be used for my own advantages
> Then cast aside as I see fit
> No, I'm not very good
> At this Game called Life
> And if everything goes well
> Maybe I never will be
> Action for the Blind
> Thomas N. Blume, Director
> VOICE MAIL: 206-600-0181
> Email: blume at verizon.net
> Action for the Blind is a dynamic organization, working with the blind and
> partially sighted people to enable them to transform their lives.
> Our mission is to inspire change and create opportunities to enable blind
> and partially sighted people to have equal voice and equal choice.
> "There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there
> must never be a time when we fail to protest".
> Elie Wiesel, Winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Peace
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