[vendtalk] Announcing the New KnfbReader Mobile Sales Program

Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Thu Feb 26 02:24:19 UTC 2009

Announcing the New KnfbReader Mobile Sales Program

National Federation of the Blind Sales Initiative

Fellow Federationists and Friends:

On last month's presidential release Dr. Maurer 
announced the launch of a new program through 
which the NFB would be selling the KnfbReader 
Mobile.  I am excited to announce that the 
National Federation of the Blind KnfbReader 
Mobile sales program is now under way.  Beginning 
at the Washington Seminar the KnfbReader Mobile 
became available under this program.  All 
attendees of Washington Seminar had an 
opportunity to see the reader and to purchase 
it.  We got off to a good start at the seminar 
with several sales and a lot of demo time.

As you may have heard, the price for the Reader 
has dropped significantly over the past few 
months.  The price for the Reader software is now $995.

By the time you receive this announcement all 
readers will be shipping with a new and improved 
version of the KnfbReader Mobile software.  This 
latest edition of the program offers many fabulous improvements including:
·        significantly better character recognition,
·        a new and improved user interface,
·        language translation with the purchase 
of an extra language package, and
·        Support for the new Nokia 6220 Classic cell phone.

Add the cost of the cell phone for $350, thus 
making the cost for the complete KnfbReader 
Mobile $1,345 and you have the most affordable 
and portable reading system available on the market.

Under our sales program we will also be offering 
both Talks and MobileSpeak screen readers for the 
KnfbReader Mobile.  With either Talks or 
MobileSpeak, all of the standard functions of the 
cell phones used in the KnfbReader Mobile system 
become fully accessible to blind people.  We are 
excited to be able to offer not only the Reader 
but several ways to make the rest of the cell 
phone’s functions talk.  The price for either 
Talks or MobileSpeak is $295.  This means that 
for $1,640 you can have the latest and most 
advanced reading system available on the market 
today, as well as a fully accessible cell phone.

After you have purchased your new reader, the 
support team and I will be ready to give you all 
the technical assistance and encouragement you 
need.  We're always ready to answer any questions.

You can purchase your KnfbReader Mobile with 
MasterCard or VISA or by check.  Please contact 
me with any questions you may have at (888) 965-9191.

There’s even more great news to share:  The 
purchase of your KnfbReader Mobile can be 
financed under the NFB Technology Loan 
Program.  If you wish to finance your purchase 
under this program, the interest rate for your 
loan will be 3 percent (the best rate in 
town!).  To learn more about the loan program and 
to download an application, or to learn anything 
else about the NFB sales effort and the 
KnfbReader Mobile visit the special KnfbReader 
Mobile Web page at 

Finally, I'm pleased to tell you that I will be 
looking for some people to help sell the 
KnfbReader Mobile.  If you're looking for extra 
income or something that can turn into a 
full-time job and if you believe that you can 
sell this product, please call me.  I can be 
reached at (888) 965-9191 any time from 8:00 AM 
to 5:30 PM Pacific Time.  If you need to leave a 
voicemail, rest assured that I will call you back 
as soon as possible.  You also may reach me at 
<mailto:info at michaelhingson.com>mailto:info at michaelhingson.com.

I look forward to hearing from you and to helping 
you with your purchase of a KnfbReader Mobile as 
well as to supporting you as you learn to use 
your new device.  I believe that this is a very 
exciting program that promises to be fruitful for 
the NFB.  We all helped make the KnfbReader 
Mobile a reality.  Because of the unwavering 
commitment of the National Federation of the 
Blind and Ray Kurzweil, the dream of a 
pocket-sized reading machine has now come to 
life.  We have the opportunity to make this 
revolutionary technology available to blind 
people everywhere.  I look forward to your help 
in making the KnfbReader Mobile the most 
widely-used product among blind people in the United States.

Best wishes for your success,

Mike Hingson

The Michael Hingson Group
      “Speaking with Vision”
                  Michael Hingson, President
                          (415) 827-4084
                    <mailto:info at michaelhingson.com>info at michaelhingson.com

for info on the new KNFB Reader Mobile, visit:

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