[vendtalk] Assisting the March for Independence in Detroit

Bowman, Kristi KBowman at nfb.org
Fri Feb 27 20:52:32 UTC 2009


Do you have a friend, business associate, old 
high school buddy, or family member in the 
Detroit metro area? If you do, please let me know 
about them. As we approach our national 
convention in Detroit, we are again working to 
make our annual March for Independence – A Walk 
for Opportunity an extraordinary success. One of 
the ways we have found to be very effective is to 
seek the support of local political, community, 
civic, and corporate leaders. Our Michigan 
affiliate is already working hard to do this. 
Noor Allain, Kristi Bowman, and myself are also 
spending time in Detroit. We are still developing 
the route, we are still seeking community leaders 
to serve as co-chairs for the event, we are 
looking for imaginative ideas to make the event 
empowering and distinctive, and we are seeking 
financial sponsors. So search your memories. If 
you have an uncle who is a marketing director, a 
cousin who works for traffic engineering, a 
friend of a friend who is the president of the 
downtown Lions Club, and so on and so forth. 
Please let me know. No idea is too silly. Some 
won't work out, but I'd rather have them. Send me 
an e-mail please or call my office at (866) 
543-6808. We will be in Detroit next week, 
working with our Michigan affiliate leadership, 
the Chamber of Commerce, the Convention and 
Visitors Bureau, and others. Thank you and stay imagining.

At Your Service,

Kevan Worley
CEO,Worley Enterprises
kevanworley at blindmerchants.org

(866) 543-6808

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