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Greetings Chasity,
          This is Sam Neal out of Jeff Cty, Missouri. I am a current B.E.P. manager and the vice president of our state N.F.B. merchants division.I am excited to hear you are working on entering the program. We have a very good program, like most it's not perfect but it's good.I would assume you're working with Ray or Greg on getting in to the program, they are both good guys. Ray will really go all out for someone. I myself have a medium sized vending route here in Jeff City. Which in the past this has meant that when they make the final selection for the training, and bring everyone to Jeff City for 6 month of traing. I maybe one of the on the job trainers, especially if your interested in a vending route. Which there is a very very nice route in St. Louis called Pioneer Vending, that is headquatered out of the bulk mail center in Hazelwood on Phatom Dr. In the past it had around 40 machine in roughly 6 or 7 locations. I hold some
 knowledge of this route because I operated it for about 9 month. Then my small town wife and children couldn't handle the city life anymore, Anyway I wanted to say hi and welcome and good luck. Let me know if you need anything I might be able to help with. Oh and by the way one thing Kevin left out about him and Missouri he had alot more hair back then, not so smooth on top.
       Have a Great Day Sam Neal
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It's great to have you on the Vendtalk list. Of course, many of us know
Terry. And of course, I know Missouri, as I was once a Missouri blind
vendor. Served on the Missouri Bureau for the Blind advisory committee and
was VP of NFB affiliate. I still have a daughter who lives in Columbia, MO
whom I visited last week.

But, enough old home week. Good luck with getting a good placement. Please
use our Vendtalk list to offer ideas and exchange information with your
fellow federation merchants. I hope you're involved in a local NFB chapter.

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Chasity,  Welcome!  You will get a good deal of  information about the 
Randolph-Sheppard opportunity for success at _www.blindmerchants.org_ 
(http://www.blindmerchants.org) .
Charles Hackney

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Hello  everyone,

My name is Chasity and I have just joined this vendtalk  mailing list 
today. I am in the process of completing all requirements to get  into the
program here in St. Louis, MO. I am about to take the math test  that is 
required and then I will proceed with other requirements. I am  extremely
about this. I haven't felt more confident about a decision  in a long time 
as I do about this one. So I'm just here to check out the  discussion and to

network with other people.

To let you all know a  little about me, I am 27 and live in the St. Louis 
area. I attended college at  the University of Missouri-St. Louis where I
my Bachelor's in Mass  Communications with an emphasis in Theory and 
Rhetoric, a minor in English and  a certificate in writing. I also attended
Pierre Laclede Honors College  while at the university. The Honors College
for students who consistently  maintain over a 3.2 cumulative GPA throughout

their academic career. Once  graduating from the university, I thought I 
wanted to pursue law school,  however, after studying for the LSAT, I became

confident that was indeed not  for me. Then I decided that I might want to 
pursue an MBA degree, but that was  definitely not for me either. 

Over the past couple years, I have been  learning more and more about 
vending, and I absolutely love the idea, and I am  more confident about my 
decision to do that than I was about the previous two  decisions I made. I
have a 
very close friend who lives with me. His name is  Terry Posont and he was a 
vendor in the state of Michigan for about 25 years.  We have been very close

friends for almost 5 years, and he has lived here with  me for the past 
year and a half. We have talked at great length about the  program. My
to become a vendor started when I would ask him questions  about how he 
used to run his own store, etc. When I first started asking, I  was simply 
doing it out of curiosity, not because I had an interest. But the  more 
questions I asked, and the more I learned about it, I realized how
interesting it 
was to me and how much I really wanted to do it. I have a very  strong, 
assertive personality and I enjoy taking leading rolls in activities,  etc.
and I 
really think this is a good fit for me, after learning all of the  
responsibilities involved. I informed my counselor that this was what I
wanted, and she was very excited for me and extremely supportive of my

So I just joined the list to meet other people and to check  out the 
discussion that goes on here to learn new things. I will keep everyone
My counselor has told the coordinator that I am ready to take the  math
So now I'm just waiting until something is scheduled. In the mean  time, I 
am studying with Terry for the test. I believe the next class for BEP  
starts in January in Jefferson City. I am very excited and will be
all requirements in order to make that one. I understand that the man who
to teach the course in Jeff City recently resigned and they are finding a 
new  person to teach the course, so I believe that has delayed things.  

Anyway, take care and hope to hear from some of you.

Chasity  JacksonE-mail: chasityvanda at charter.net
Twitter: kidrockgroupie
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Skype: ronnievanzantfan4ever
My  MySpace page:  www.myspace.com/chasityandvanda
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