[vendtalk] Introducing Myself

Chasity Jackson chasityvanda at charter.net
Tue Jul 28 17:47:57 UTC 2009

Hi Kevan,

Yes, I am a member of the Lewis and Clark chapter here in St. Louis. I'm 
surprised that you said many of you out here know Terry. I figured more 
people would know his brother, Larry. But Terry actually did not recognize 
your name, when I mentioned it to him. He said he has heard the name, but 
couldn't place it. hmmm.

But yes, I am glad to be here and I will definitely network among everyone 
and exchange ideas. I will keep everyone updated as class starts, etc.

That's great that you still have ties here in Missouri.

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> Greetings,
> It's great to have you on the Vendtalk list. Of course, many of us know
> Terry. And of course, I know Missouri, as I was once a Missouri blind
> vendor. Served on the Missouri Bureau for the Blind advisory committee and
> was VP of NFB affiliate. I still have a daughter who lives in Columbia, MO
> whom I visited last week.
> But, enough old home week. Good luck with getting a good placement. Please
> use our Vendtalk list to offer ideas and exchange information with your
> fellow federation merchants. I hope you're involved in a local NFB 
> chapter.
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> Chasity,  Welcome!  You will get a good deal of  information about the
> Randolph-Sheppard opportunity for success at _www.blindmerchants.org_
> (http://www.blindmerchants.org) .
> Charles Hackney
> Florida
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> Hello  everyone,
> My name is Chasity and I have just joined this vendtalk  mailing list
> today. I am in the process of completing all requirements to get  into the
> program here in St. Louis, MO. I am about to take the math test  that is
> required and then I will proceed with other requirements. I am  extremely
> excited
> about this. I haven't felt more confident about a decision  in a long time
> as I do about this one. So I'm just here to check out the  discussion and 
> to
> network with other people.
> To let you all know a  little about me, I am 27 and live in the St. Louis
> area. I attended college at  the University of Missouri-St. Louis where I
> got
> my Bachelor's in Mass  Communications with an emphasis in Theory and
> Rhetoric, a minor in English and  a certificate in writing. I also 
> attended
> the
> Pierre Laclede Honors College  while at the university. The Honors College
> is
> for students who consistently  maintain over a 3.2 cumulative GPA 
> throughout
> their academic career. Once  graduating from the university, I thought I
> wanted to pursue law school,  however, after studying for the LSAT, I 
> became
> confident that was indeed not  for me. Then I decided that I might want to
> pursue an MBA degree, but that was  definitely not for me either.
> Over the past couple years, I have been  learning more and more about
> vending, and I absolutely love the idea, and I am  more confident about my
> decision to do that than I was about the previous two  decisions I made. I
> have a
> very close friend who lives with me. His name is  Terry Posont and he was 
> a
> vendor in the state of Michigan for about 25 years.  We have been very 
> close
> friends for almost 5 years, and he has lived here with  me for the past
> year and a half. We have talked at great length about the  program. My
> interest
> to become a vendor started when I would ask him questions  about how he
> used to run his own store, etc. When I first started asking, I  was simply
> doing it out of curiosity, not because I had an interest. But the  more
> questions I asked, and the more I learned about it, I realized how
> interesting it
> was to me and how much I really wanted to do it. I have a very  strong,
> assertive personality and I enjoy taking leading rolls in activities, 
> etc.
> and I
> really think this is a good fit for me, after learning all of the
> responsibilities involved. I informed my counselor that this was what I
> really
> wanted, and she was very excited for me and extremely supportive of my
> decision.
> So I just joined the list to meet other people and to check  out the
> discussion that goes on here to learn new things. I will keep everyone
> updated.
> My counselor has told the coordinator that I am ready to take the  math
> test.
> So now I'm just waiting until something is scheduled. In the mean  time, I
> am studying with Terry for the test. I believe the next class for BEP
> starts in January in Jefferson City. I am very excited and will be
> completing
> all requirements in order to make that one. I understand that the man who
> used
> to teach the course in Jeff City recently resigned and they are finding a
> new  person to teach the course, so I believe that has delayed things.
> Anyway, take care and hope to hear from some of you.
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