[vendtalk] Special Christmas Offers from GW Micro Can Get you A Louis Braille Commemorative Coin

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Nov 16 23:07:06 UTC 2009

Special Christmas Offers from GW Micro
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Get free Visa gift cards and/or a Louis Braille Commemorative Coin 
with the purchase of select GW Micro products

View Christmas in a New Light with GW Micro Specials
Brighten your life this Christmas with the latest technology from GW 
Micro.  If you or a loved one has difficulty seeing, it may be time 
for a SenseView portable CCTV.  Are you no longer able to read the 
labels on your gifts?  It_s no longer a problem with the SenseView, 
SenseView Duo, or SenseView Light.  When you purchase any of these 
items, receive a free $75 Visa gift card!

- SenseView _ Small, light, provides the highest magnification in its class.
- SenseView Duo _ The first portable CCTV to provide both close-up 
and distance viewing!
- SenseView Light _ The only portable CCTV to use OLED technology for 
the brightest, clearest, sharpest image available.

Can you no longer see the computer screen?  Receive the gift of 
vision this year by getting Window-Eyes, the most stable screen 
reader on the market.  Purchase a new copy of Window-Eyes, and 
receive a $75 gift card plus get the very special Louis Braille 
Commemorative Coin.  These rare coins are only being minted this year 
in recognition of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Louis 
Braille.  There are only a limited number of these coins being 
produced.  This is a rare opportunity to own one of these special coins.

Have you run out of upgrades on your software maintenance agreement 
(SMA)?  Purchase an SMA today for yourself or as a gift, and receive 
the Louis Braille Commemorative Coin.  The coin was designed to be 
representative of the life and legacy of Louis Braille, and promotes 
Braille literacy. The obverse of the coin bears his portrait and the 
inscriptions _Louis Braille_, _Liberty_, _In God We Trust_, the dual 
date _1809″ and _2009″ and mint mark _P_ to represent 
mintage at the Philadelphia Mint.  Become a part of history by 
getting this coin free by purchasing a Window-Eyes SMA.

Get your hands on the best-in-class Braille notetakers from GW Micro 
this holiday season!  Purchase a Braille Sense Plus or Braille Sense 
Plus QWERTY, and receive a $100 Visa gift card as well as the Louis 
Braille Commemorative Coin.  Enjoy browsing the Internet wirelessly 
with built-in Wi-Fi when sitting around the Christmas tree this 
December.  Use your Braille Sense Plus as a wireless Braille display 
via the built-in Bluetooth when using Window-Eyes.  Enjoy the season 
by showing your sighted family how the LCD display can display the 
text that is on your Braille display when you purchase the Braille 
keyboard version.  Or, use your Braille Sense Plus QWERTY with 
Bluetooth headphones and listen to your favorite holiday tunes 
without dealing with messy wires.

If you want to receive a product with a free Braille Commemorative 
Coin, you must act fast!  These quantities are limited, and the coins 
will no longer be produced after December 11, 2009.  We will continue 
to provide the gift cards up until the last day, but once the coins 
are gone, they are gone for good.  Coins will be sent out on a 
first-come, first-served basis.  So, act now, and place your order 
today by calling GW Micro at (260) 489-3671.

This offer is good in the U.S. only, and starts Monday, November 16 
and expires on January 29, 2010.  To receive your free Visa gift card 
and/or Louis Braille Commemorative coin, you must register your 
product with GW Micro, and provide proof of purchase.  Visa gift 
cards and Braille Commemorative coins may take several weeks for 
delivery.  For questions or more information, please contact GW Micro 
at sales at gwmicro.com.

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