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Subject: Reminder: FDA Comments on Calorie Disclosure Due September 7


Dear BEA member:


I am just writing to remind you that the deadline for submitting public
comments on the implementation of the calorie posting requirements contained
in the health reform bill is fast approaching. Comments are due by September
7, 2010. Attached to this message you will find a template you can use when
formulating your comments. Please remember to fill in your personal
information where requested in the template and delete all instructions from
the template before submitting. And, keep in mind this is just a starting
point. The more you are able to personalize your comments, the better!


Comments can be submitted at www.regulations.gov. If you are having trouble
submitting your comments, email Sean or Catriona at
swhalen at linchpinstrategies.com and cmacdonald at linchpinstrategies.com,


I have included below the original instructions for submitting comments to
the FDA from the August BEA Update.


Thank you all for your efforts to ensure that the voices of
Randolph-Sheppard entrepreneurs are heard.


Take care,




Call for Comments on Calorie Disclosure Regulations - UNCLE SAM NEEDS YOU!


Ever wanted to tell the government what to do?  Here's your chance.  The FDA
is inviting comments on future regulations to implement the requirement that
vending machine operators post information about the calorie content of
snacks and beverages sold from their machines.  It is critically important
for the FDA to hear from as many people as possible, even if this affects
your state program but does not affect you personally.  We have attached a
template that you can adapt to draft and submit your own comments.  DO NOT
REQUESTED.  This template is a starting point.   The more you can
personalize the comments you submit, the better! Comments are due by
September 7, and can be submitted online at http://www.regulations.gov
<http://www.regulations.gov/> .  The website does not work well with screen
readers; if you are having difficulty submitting the comments, email your
document to Catriona and we will submit them for you.  Remember that the FDA
is asking for opinions on how to carry out the law, and comments should not
discuss the question of whether or not the law itself is helpful. Comments
outside of the scope will be ignored, so focus on the concerns outlined in
the attached template.


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