[vendtalk] Merchant activity at NFB convention

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Thu Jul 1 20:24:40 UTC 2010

Greetings Team,


I know that some of you receiving this will not be attending the 70th annual
convention of the National Federation of the Blind. Federation merchants
intend to heat it up! In Dallas. Whether you are able to be with us or not.
We have appreciated your involvement and support throughout another year of
accomplishment. Hopefully, everyone receiving this will be with us in
Orlando the first week of July 2011. And, the third week of September 2011
for the new, reinvigorated, Tennessee BLAST for all entrepreneurs who are
blind whether they are in or out of Randolph-Sheppard. 


For those of you who are attending the convention, please bring extra Snack
Pack items with you if you can. If merchants from your state who are not
attending the convention have given you donations to bring to the
convention, don't forget to bring them. If you get to the convention after
midday on Saturday, please bring your Snack Pack snacks and cash
contributions to the Exhibit Table. Do not forget to bring your raffle
tickets. Do not forget to bring your ticket stubs and cash for sold tickets.
Bridget Worley and Sharon Treadway will be managing the raffle. You will
find them at the table, and at the merchant meeting. 


We will be filling Snack Packs at midday Saturday, July 3 in the Exhibit
Hall. The precise time has not yet been set. If you arrive at the convention
late Friday afternoon through early afternoon Saturday, please call the room
of Nicky Gacos or the room of Kevan Worley. We will put the time of the
Great Snack Pack Filling Extravaganza on our voice mail. It will likely be
some time between 10 and 2. If you can come for any amount of time, your
time and effort will be appreciated.


Also, please plan to work the table at some point on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
or Wednesday. We need you. 


The gavel will fall to call to order our annual business meeting at
precisely 1:30 this Monday afternoon, so please get there early enough to
get registered, get your agenda, pay your dues. We have a full agenda. There
is much time for group discussion built in. As we determine the direction
and focus on our goals for 2010 and beyond. The meeting agenda will be
online by midday tomorrow, Friday, July 2nd, at www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/> . Earlier today I sent an e-mail copy. I
hope you received it. 


At the resolutions committee meeting this Sunday afternoon, Nicky Gacos and
I intend to introduce two resolutions important to Randolph-Sheppard. One
urges USPS to reconsider the National Vending contract. Two urges The
Committee for Purchase from Persons Who Are Blind or Disabled to become more
transparent and follow the law relative to review and assignment of
cafeterias for the procurement list. I have every expectation that both
resolutions will pass and come to the floor of the convention.


I can't wait to see everyone. Be safe. Travel with joy.


At your service,


Kevan Worley

Colorado Springs, CO (The sports & wellness capitol of the world)




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