[vendtalk] Hi Everyone

Renee Pavlus psychmom3 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 20:08:31 UTC 2010

Hello, I just signed up for this service.  It will be nice to read what is happening around the country.  My name is Renee Pavlus, and my husband's name is David.  We have been NFB members for many years, and have been anticipating opening a small business for several years, but are finally attempting to make it happen.  Over the next few
 months we will be meeting with Dbvi, (State Services), and Small Business to put together a business plan, and work through the bugs involved to see if it is possible. We need all the feed back, knowledge and advice we can gather, so it is wonderful that there is this service available to us.  We live in Provo Utah.  We want to put in a diner restaurant...our "Son Chris is a chef, and we want to open it in town near BYU, if possible.  There are a lot of chain restaurants here, and we believe that a cost effective, home made (like Mom's cooking), style family restaurant is needed.  We miss the diners of New England, and New York, we are both from the northeast.  We are going to need lots of feed back, and friends to assist us to make this happen.  We weren't able to come to the convention this year due to financial issues, which, frankly, have been our life's worry all of our life, at least it seems so.  David works at Sears
, Due to several illnesses I have been home taking care of our two baby grand sons part time...it is time to make something happen.  We have not directly been involved in the restaurant business, although for many years my husband cleaned and washed dishes at my family's restaurant in Vermont. I have several family members who own and operate restaurants in New England, and my parents owned and operated their own restaurants for over forty years.  we are anxious to learn, open minded, and need to make some changes to our lives...We are meeting with Small Business, and possibly Score to help us put the plan together in September, although I am a little bit frightened of such a large undertaking, I am also excited...does anyone face book, my address is Renee Radicioni Pavlus, and my email is psychmom3 at gmail.com, Thanks Renee   P.S.  There was a business training program several years ago at Colorado Center For The Blind, is their still restaurant training classes offered for blind restaurant venders?     

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