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Here is an unsolicited testimony. It’s a relatively small café, so this is
awesome. It shows another one of our programs developed by Nicky Gacos
brings value, service, and profit. 



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I have been using Nathan's Famous hot dogs since the Overlook re-opened in
late April. Chip Shaw has provided me with the Nathan's promo kit, and I
couldn't be happier. 

Right now I go through at least 1 and 1/2 cases per week, and still growing.

One of my customers said he liked Nathan's better than Hebrew National
because Nathan's leaves no after taste.

I will certainly recommend Nathan's to anyone asking.

Thanks for the info, and hope to see you on June 7th for our Squawkers grand



Have a great day,
John Akers
303 866-2450
jdmakers at aol.com 


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Greetings Friends and Colleagues,


Whether you call yourself a vendor, an entrepreneur, a merchant, a business
consultant, a food service gal, we have a great promotion just in time for
the National Randolph-Sheppard Training and Leadership Conference (NRSTLC).
But, you do not have to attend next Thursday’s tradeshow in Arlington to
grab hold of this new, branded, highly profitable promotion now!! Blind
vendors get signed up and save money on what your customers want. See the
two attachments and act today.


At your service,


Kevan Worley

Colorado Springs, CO (The sports & wellness capitol of the world)


 <http://ppsbn.org/> http://ppsbn.org/


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