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Harlon Cowsar II deucehc at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 11:22:56 UTC 2010


     The bar code reader that you are inquiring ab out is called the ID Mate
Summit and is manufactured by Envision America.
   I use this device in by business and it is wonderful. It helps me in a
thousand ways. I do not yet have gthe ID Mate Summit but it is supposed to
be coming soon. The model that I am currently using is called the ID Mate
     The ID Mate Summit has some added benefits that the Omni did not have
such as software upgrades that allow you to keep track of your inventory by
scanning, counting and adjusting the number in the files manually. It can be
linked with your computer to receive software upgrades but, to my knowlege,
that is all at the present time. I think that you can do file transfers
between the device and a computer  but do not hold me to that.
     I have spoken with representatives of the company about linking the
device to the cash register and, at the present time, that cannot be done.
The company is working on that but, because of the different types of cash
registers, different softgwares, etc. it is presenting some difficulties. I
don not know much more than that. I recently saw the newest model of the
device and the size is much smalller. It is now about the size of a
flashlight. The bar code reader is more aggresive and finds the bar code
faster and the software reads the code and identifies immediately. It has
improved a lot in the years that I have been monitoring it and I highly
reccommend it for any managers but, especially for the totally blind manager
such as myself. Alfo, check out the I- Bill ICurrency Identifier. This is
another device that has made a very big difference in my workplace.

LA Cafe'
Alexandria, Louisiana

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 4:23 PM, Bryan Schulz <b.schulz at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> hi,
> I have a few questions about managing a small convenience store.
> Would someone tell me what is the brand/model of the hand held scanner/bar
> code reader that tells you info about each product?
> second, do you also have something similar that is maybe connected to the
> register to kind of auto enter products purchased into the register?
> third, can this device auto update your database of stock on hand so you
> know what needs to be ordered?
> this would seem so much faster than digging into the cooler and counting
> how many bottles of coke or how many snickers bars you have left.
> fourth, are the reporting sheets standard throughout the US and where can
> you get them online for someone running a store in MO?
> thanks
> Bryan Schulz
> the BEST Solution
> www.best-acts.com
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