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Anna McClure amcclure at envisionamerica.com
Tue Jun 22 17:22:01 UTC 2010

Glad to hear that so many have found i.d. mate helpful in their jobs. I am
hoping to answer a couple of questions that have come up about the talking
bar code scanners. 

The Summit is smaller (about 6 inches and 7 ounces) than the OMNI (about 7
inches and one pound). The Summit has a more aggressive cyclonic scanner,
while the OMNI has a static omni-directional scanner. Both will scan and
find the bar code very quickly. The Summit and OMNI both will sync up with
your computer to share inventory data or to update databases and such. Both
Summit and OMNI have an adaptable database, where you can add items that are
not currently in the database or add information to existing items. Both
have a huge database of around 2.3 million items, many with extended data
such as instructions, warnings, ingredients, etc. Both the i.d. mate Summit
and the i.d. mate OMNI have inventory capabilities to track items in your

The units are very similar in function. However, the Summit allows easier
access to changing personalized functions (voice, inventory mode, etc.) than
the OMNI does. The Summit allows you to change those settings with the
keypad, and the OMNI requires you to use a CF card reader on your computer. 

If anyone is currently using an i.d. mate OMNI and wants to have inventory
capabilities enabled, please contact En-Vision America at 1-800-890-1180.
The update is free. 

If you are thinking about purchasing an i.d. mate, there are two options.
Like new i.d. mate OMNIs are available at $699.  They include a carrying
case, 1 GB CF card, 100 bar code labels, battery pack, charger/adapter, and
one year warranty. For BEP customers, we'll also throw in an extra 100 bar
code adhesive labels. The i.d. mate Summit is the newest version and is
available for $1299. It includes a carrying case, 2 GB SD card, 100 bar code
labels, battery pack, charger/adapter and one year warranty. Both units also
include a free database update in the first year. No-interest payment plans
are available for both items as well. 

Hope this helps. i.d. mates really are a great tool for anyone working in
the vending or merchant fields. Instant identification, information and

Anna McClure

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