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I am told by our Snack Pack committee that only three people have called in
orders for their Snack Pack contributions to Vistar of Texas. As you know,
for more than a decade and a half many of our NFB conventioneers have
counted on our Snack Pack for Opportunities and we typically can make $6,000
or more on this program. Due to challenges with the Detroit hotel, we were
not able to have the popular Snack Pack program. Demand from our colleagues
to keep doing it is very strong. Our board voted unanimously to bring back
Snack Pack and the leadership group unanimously agreed. We have spent time
working with Dr. Mauer, Mrs. Jernigan, and the Dallas hotel to get approval.
Because we did not have BLAST in 2010, we were unable to do a call for
action. Funding for our projects, advocacy work, legal cases, and training
is essential. So, please, call Debra Johnson before 10:00 Tuesday the 29th.
Call 817-852-6411. Debra is waiting for your call. You can give her a credit
card, you can order at least $50 worth of product. If you can do $100 or
more that would be very appreciated. You can also pack an extra suit case
with any overstock you may have and bring it to the convention. You can
bring it to our Snack Pack assembly line on Saturday morning, July 3 at the
exhibit hall. Even those who are not coming to the convention can call Debra
at Vistar Texas to place an order. You can give her your account number if
you are a Vistar customer.


If you have relationships with other major brands or suppliers you can ask
them to send a case or three directly to the Anatole Hilton with your name
on it or with the name of Nicky Gacos. If you do that we will likely have to
pay the hotel a handling fee and that will raise the eyebrows but I suppose
it is an option. I am ordering $200 from Vistar today and I will bring an
extra suitcase filled with some overstock with me. This means I will have an
empty suitcase so that I can bring any items I purchase at the Exhibit Hall
or in Dallas home with us. That's the way we used to do it when Don Hudson
started this project before we got more savvy under the leadership of Nicky.


Please act now. We must fund our work. 


At your service,


Kevan Worley

Colorado Springs, CO (The sports & wellness capitol of the world)




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