[vendtalk] Expiration Dates - Sorry but nNot much help here

Vandervoorts vandervoorts at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 17 21:00:35 UTC 2010

Sorry that I cannot be of any help except for what you already know and that
is used by folks I know -

1. Totally blind - have a sighted person read it.
2. Legally blind and able to use various magnification aids - Sometimes
taught where to look to use an aid but sometimes it still does not work
because of color combinations or lack of contrast.  Some dates are
overprinted in white or black ink on the design areas of a package or on
transparent sides, rather than using my preferred black print on
well-defined blank white areas.  Round items can be a problem depending upon
aid used and the individual's vision capability.

I know of no universally applicable bar code dating scheme.  If some one
knows of one, please tell all!

Good luck.

Mike Vandervoort
Vandervoort's Vending
Abilene, TX

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