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Subject: National Conference Update


Just a note to give an update on where we are with the National Conference.
As of this moment, we have 250 people registered.  Our goal was 400 so we
have a ways to go.  Interestingly, we've had a great response from SLA's and
other stakeholders but would like to see more blind vendors registered.
Help us get the word out.  Folks can register on-line at
www.regonline.com/randolphsheppard or by mailing in the attached
registration form.  


If anyone will be attending the BEA Fly In on June 9th, they need to let
Sean Whalen know at swhelen at linchpinstrategies.com so he can schedule
Congressional meetings.  


The agenda is shaping up nicely.  We have confirmed former NFL Coach Dan
Reeves as one of our speakers.  Please don't plan on leaving early becasue
we have a special treat planned for Saturday morning with Willie Jolley, an
entertaining motivational speaker.  Both speakers are being sponsored by the
National Association of Blind Merchants as is the trade show.  The trade
show will probably be the largest ever at a Randolph Sheppard event.  There
is more to come.  We are still waiting to see if any members of Congress or
representatives from The White House will be able to join us.  And we have
some great breakout sessions planned.  


More updates to come.  See you in D.C. 


Help us get the word out!



Terry Smith, Chair

NCSAB R-S Committee  


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