[vendtalk] KNFB Reader Mobile At NFB National Convention

Michael Hingson info at michaelhingson.com
Thu May 6 00:29:25 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

Once again this year the NFB and The Michael Hingson Group, Inc. will 
be selling the KnfbReader Mobile at our National convention.  We want 
to help you with your purchase should you wish to buy a Reader at the 

First, we will have plenty of KnfbReader Mobile systems available 
with either the Nokia N82 or the N86 hardware.

Second, all systems will be configured and ready to activate.  We 
will be happy to activate software for you in the exhibit hall when 
you purchase your KnfbReader Mobile.

Third, once again we shall be utilizing the NFB %3 low interest 
technology loan as a way to help you buy a KnfbReader Mobile should 
you not wish to use cash or a credit card to make your purchase 
directly at the convention.  Unfortunately, it will be difficult to 
approve and fund loans at the convention.  The chair of the Loan Fund 
committee has told me that due to time constraints the committee will 
not be able to meet and approve loans during the convention.  If you 
may be planning on using the loan fund to purchase a KnfbReader at 
the convention I would like to urge you to complete an application 
now rather than waiting until July.  If your application is approved 
you can simply order the Reader from us for delivery at the 
convention which will save shipping charges.  A link to the online 
loan application is available at 
near the bottom of the page.  In the field asking for the name of 
your dealer simply enter the words "NFB convention" should you plan 
to pick up your Reader at the convention.  I cannot emphasize enough 
the importance of completing the application now should you wish to 
use the loan fund to purchase a KnfbReader Mobile.  Curtis Chong, 
chair of the Loan Fund Committee tells me that any applications 
completed by late May should be funded by the convention.  The sooner 
you complete the application the faster your loan will be 
completed.  We cannot provide Readers to anyone who has not gone 
through the entire loan process and had their loan funded.  We shall 
be ready to help anyone complete an application at the convention, 
but there will be a delay in you receiving your KnfbReader Mobile.

Fourth, we will again be ready to answer any support questions of 
current users as well as helping you with any issues you may 
have.  Representatives of KNFB Technologies will also be on hand to 
answer your questions.

Finally, we are presently working on having a Reader users meeting 
sometime early in the convention.  More details will follow on this 
when they become available.

If anyone has any questions or wishes more information about the 
Reader please call me at (415) 827-4084 or email me at 
<mailto:info at michaelhingson.com>info at michaelhingson.com.  Please tell 
your friends and anyone you know about how they can see this great 
technology at the NFB convention.

All of us on the KnfbReader team look forward to serving you.  Thank 
you for your support.


Michael Hingson

The Michael Hingson Group, INC.
      "Speaking with Vision"
                  Michael Hingson, President
                          (415) 827-4084
                    <mailto:info at michaelhingson.com>info at michaelhingson.com

for info on the new KNFB Reader Mobile, visit:

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