[vendtalk] growing to improve the lives of others

Charlie Richardson charlieofalbany at verizon.net
Sun May 16 18:42:34 UTC 2010

So many blind people aren't as fortunate as blind vendors.  Not all blind 
people can be vendors.

For the People is a voice chat community that is run by the blind and its 
membership is primarily blind.  This voice chat commmunity offers so much 
for anyone, but there are those on there that pretty much have this as their 
life.  The site had gone down for 3 days last fall and you wouldn't believe 
how much it was missed.

There are several types of chat rooms on the site for varied interests 
including a room called the Vendor's Break Room which hasn't been getting 
much use of late.

One story that is told by the site director of why this chat site is so 
important is a new member had signed up and at that point was conteplating 
suicide.  After coming on the site and being welcomed and included into the 
community they had changed their mind and wrote the site director to tell 
her the difference that had just been made.

For the People is a non-profit 503C and does fund raising to keep the site 
running.  Recently we have teamed up with All Inplay, a game site where the 
blind and sighted play as equals, to put on a benefit poker tournament.

OK, so you don't play poker, but you can make a $20 donation to FTP and 
sponsor a player.  Even if you don't win any of the prizes you have helped 
out a great site for the blind.

for more details go to www.for-the-people.com/tournament.htm or email me at 
charlie at for-the-people.com

Thanks in advance

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