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Subject: C.A.R.S. Division Reaching Out to N.F.B. Membership
This is a message from the C.A.R.S. Division of the National 
Federation of the Blind.
We are asking the N.F.B. membership, across the country, to consider 
joining the C.A.R.S.
Division.  While we are only five years old, we are energetic and 
committed to growth.  We are fast, fun
and focused.  Dues are only $5.00 each year.  Many of us have very 
fond, happy memories of cars we
once owned or family cars which took us to school, jobs and 
shopping.  Keep those fun memories alive
and join the C.A.R.S. Division of the National Federation of the Blind.
When we convene in Dallas, Texas, the Division needs assistance with 
the following activities:
    1.  Setting up the C.A.R.S. Division table in the exhibit hall, 
Saturday, July 3, Noon to 4 p.m.
    2.  Covering the C.A.R.S. table during exhibit hours
    3.  Helping with the Automobile Show, Sunday, July 4, 12 Noon to 4 p.m.
Monday evening, July 5, the C.A.R.S. Division will conduct a seminar 
with interesting guest speakers.
Our annual general meeting and election of officers will take place 
that evening after the seminar.  We
would welcome interested N.F.B. members to get involved and join our 
fun activities.
The C.A.R.S. Division will be offering affordable model cars, 
membership forms and agendas of C.A.R.S.
activities at the table in the exhibit hall.   We hope everyone will 
stop by and chat with our current
members.  It is always fun to meet new people and make new 
friends.  We all know of Dr. Maurer's
interest in driving a car; help us "drive" fun activities at the 
Convention and expand the work of the
C.A.R.S. Division in 2010.
If you have enjoyed the experience of seeing and touching the special 
interest cars and motorcycles at
previous National Conventions, please consider donating a few hours 
to help the C.A.R.S. Division
continue the tradition of fun and enjoyment for everyone.
We invite you to contact:
Joseph B. Naulty, President
e-mail      jnaulty at cfl.rr.com<
mailto:jnaulty at cfl.rr.com>
address:  996 South Fork Circle
               Melbourne, FL  32901
                 (321) 768-9500

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