[vendtalk] NFB Ebay program is highlighted at the National Convention!

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NFB Ebay program is highlighted at the National Convention!


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If you sell on eBay, or if you believe you would like to be an eBay seller,
the following convention agenda details are for you.


We will be conducting two very different types of eBay information sessions
this year.  The first one, scheduled for 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 3, in
Wekiwa 7, deals exclusively with use of the eBay web site.  If you're brand
new to eBay, or if you've found using the web site difficult, this is the
session for you.  Those of you who are comfortable with the web site and are
looking for business tips and winning strategies should plan to attend one
of the three gatherings later in the week instead.


The Sunday program is intended to provide you with hands-on experience.  By
the end of the afternoon, you will have walked through the process of
preparing a listing, with the help of eBay Education Specialists, up to the
point of pressing the button to make it go live on eBay.  


We have space for 30 participants, and some preparation on your part is
required, so we are requesting that you preregister by email to
mgabias at nfb.org <blocked::mailto:mgabias at nfb.org>  no later than June 25.


Wireless computer access will be provided, but those registering for this
session will need to bring their own wireless enabled computer.  This can be
a laptop or netbook.  Notetakers such as the Braille Note, Braille Sense, or
Pac Mate will not work effectively on eBay. 


In your registration request, we will need to know your name, telephone
number (a cell phone number that you will be using in Orlando would be most
helpful), the type of access software you will be using and its version
number (Jaws 10, WindowEyes 7,Apple VoiceOver, etc.)  We will also want to
know what Internet browser you prefer and the release of that software you
are using so that we can offer you targeted help.


We ask that you visit www.ebay.com/accessibility
<blocked::http://www.ebay.com/accessibility>   and register as a buyer, a
seller, and a PayPal user.  If you have registered successfully with eBay,
please let us know that in your email concerning the Sunday seminar.
Members of the eBay team will be available to help anyone attending the
Sunday seminar to complete eBay registrations ahead of the convention,
provided your request for assistance reaches us by June 25.  Again,
registering for the seminar and registering as a buyer and seller on eBay
are different processes.  You will need to do both to participate fully in
the Sunday seminar.


The two hour session on Monday, with repeated sessions on Tuesday, and
Wednesday are intended to help you find answers to your questions about what
to sell, how to sell, whether to use an auction or fixed price format, how
to make your listings stand out, and any other strategic questions about how
to be successful as an eBay seller.  No preregistration is required.
Successful blind eBay sellers, along with members of the eBay team, will be
available to share their experiences and answer your questions.


If you have questions about either seminar, or if you wish to register,
please email Mary Ellen Gabias at mgabias at nfb.org
<blocked::mailto:mgabias at nfb.org> .


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