[vendtalk] See You at Convention

Vandervoort's vandervoorts at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 30 23:38:47 UTC 2011

Hi Kevan,
I got a Vistar order through after the cutoff time because we had gotten
into some telephone tag that day.  As usual my raffle tickets are a

Sorry, but I will not be there with you this year.  A combination of one
less employee and my usual back-up also having hiring and retention problems
left me with no one to cover.  I even called the Rosen Center hoping to get
a room on hold, if life improived here, but even before the reservation
cut-off date, even the overflow hotel was sold out.

I do plan to attend Blast, though, assuming problems around here settle down

Have a great time and tell Nicki and the rest to pass along the lessons
learned and the info being shared at the NABM meetings!


Mike Vandervoort
Abilene, TX

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