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Subject: One, Two, or Three Cases




This is a time of year when we really do need to step up a bit.  Can I count
on you?  Really guys?  This organization does a lot for all of us.  Please
order at least a couple of cases of snack items for next week's Snack Pack
for Opportunity.  Please, please get some of your buddies in the program to
join me.  Please forward this email to them.  Please do this by tomorrow
afternoon.  Call Vistar, speak with Jessica Moorefield.  You can use your
Vistar account number. If you are not a Vistar customer just give them a
credit card number.  Vistar is kindly donating as well.  Call Vistar
800-234-5211 ext 76414, or you may do it by emailing jmoorefield at pfgc.com.
Each of us gain much from the work of the NFB.  This is one of our most
important fundraising projects.  It also helps a lot of NFB members and
people who are new to the convention.  Many come for inspiration and
education.  Many are unemployed.  Hotel meals can be expensive.  These snack
packs do really help.  


I want to publicly thank Art Stevenson, Lorraine Magnussen, Pam Schnurr,
Matt Carnes, Nancy Hoover, Brad Basta, Scott Young, Sharon Treadway, Virgil
Stinnett, and Donnie Anderson.  These are the folks who have ordered as of
early this morning.  Frankly, given everything the association does for all
of us, we really should be ashamed.  I know I am, so I am getting on the
phone now.  I know that we need some candy, Kars products, some more healthy
items such as granola bars, etc. Most of us can afford to spend $30-$40, so
let's do this.  We need to make Nicky Gacos proud.  He has been a great NABM
President.  So let's get this done.


Forward to others.


P.S. Did you know that the only class of people in America that can legally
be paid less than minimum wage is people with disabilities and there are
people who want to keep it that way? Learn about our work to create equality
for workers with disabilities http://www.nfb.org/fairwages and text
FairWages to 27138 for updates on this important civil rights issue. Let's
end 75 years of discrimination!  





Kevan Worley

Executive Director

National Association of Blind Merchants


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