[vendtalk] Getting Serious About Not Being Too Serious

Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Tue Jun 26 14:41:55 UTC 2012

Greetings Team,


Nicky Gacos and some of our Tennessee colleagues arrive in Dallas on
Thursday.  So, their convention countdown is only 2 days.  I, myself, begin
to get very pumped at this time every year.


Ok, lighten up, always groovy.  I knew as my fingers typed recriminations
yesterday I would get some pushback.  Ok, maybe not ashamed.  But, come on
guys.  I was tweaking myself as much as any of my colleagues and friends.
Now I have made my order.  I have made my piece.  I know that many are
helping with Snack Pack, or will be ordering a case or two today.  Thank
you.  Truly.  Not to worry.  We go through it every year.  Every year it all
works out, this team always comes together.  We can't do the serious work we
do without supporting projects like Snack Pack.  On the other hand, we don't
want to take ourselves too seriously.  It is cool that so many will be
ordering from Vistar today.


We are particularly gratified and appreciative by the work of our new
Illinois affiliate.  What a marvelous effort.  Thank you.  Also, thank you
IN, NJ, NC, CO, TN, VA, AZ, IL, MO.  Come on NY, ND, CA, TX, IA, SC, MI, OH
.. This is the time of year that I get so excited.  So, meet with us mid-day
Saturday.  We will be in the back corner of the exhibit hall somewhere.
Find us!  Help us fill!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the
exhibit table to sell raffle tickets and Snack Packs throughout the week at
the exhibit hall.  We also look forward to seeing all of our merchant and
entrepreneur buddies at the Annual Meeting on Monday afternoon. 


It is an exciting time to be a blind person in the Federation, or one of our
dear sighted colleagues, standing with us in the movement.


Peace!  Out.


P.S. Did you know that the only class of people in America that can legally
be paid less than minimum wage is people with disabilities and there are
people who want to keep it that way? Learn about our work to create equality
for workers with disabilities http://www.nfb.org/fairwages and text
FairWages to 27138 for updates on this important civil rights issue. Let's
end 75 years of discrimination!  





Kevan Worley

Executive Director

National Association of Blind Merchants


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