[vendtalk] East Coast Tragedy

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Tue Nov 6 18:56:33 UTC 2012

Good afternoon all:
Cheryl Echevarria here from the Great State of NY and the Long Island area, we are safe and warm again in the Echevarria home.
We got heat and power last night.
Got out and voted today.
Please take note of my signature below, since I am lucky enough to own a business and it is a national business and not a local one that I can offer help to our fellow NFB here in NY.  I have just spoke to President Carl Jacobsen today about it and it is a go.  So the more people book with Echevarria Travel, and proud member of the National Federation of the Blind and also I am the President of the Travel and Tourism Division.  Money will go to the affiliate.
You do not have to be a member of the NFB to book with me for the fundraiser funds to go to the NY Affiliate.
Just no individual airline bookings and state and national conventions do not count accept for that of the 2014 State of Florida Cruise Convention, to which bookings are being taken and monthly payments are allowed.
So if you are interested, there is separate space available for members of the NFB other than Florida members and for friends and family of the NFB.
Please let me know for more information.  

Leading the Way in Independent Travel!
SNG Certified - Accessible Travel Advocate!
Cheryl Echevarria, Ownerhttp://www.echevarriatravel.com631-456-5394reservations@echevarriatravel.comhttp://www.echevarriatravel.wordpress.com
2012 Norwegian Cruise Line University Advisory Board Member.
Echevarria Travel and proud member of the National Federation of the Blind will be holding a year round fundraiser for the http://www.NFBNY.org after Hurricane Sandy and other resources. Any vacation package booked between November 6 2012-November 6, 2013 and vacation must be traveled no later than 12/30/2014 a percentage of my earnings will go to the affiliate.  Also is you book a Sandals for couples or Beaches for families and friends resorts vacation, $100.00 per booking will go to the affiliate as well.  You do not need to be a member of the NFB.org, just book through us.
Thank you.

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Subject: [vendtalk] East Coast Tragedy

I've been receiving a number of calls inquiring about our blind members on the East Coast. The best I can gather is that all of them are safe. That's the most important thing. However, many are still without power in their homes and businesses. At least a couple have sustained loss of belongings. Many have not been able to get to their businesses yet, to determine their business losses.
Of course, I have received numerous emails and phone calls about our President, Nicky Gacos. His home is currently without any power. There is power in some of the homes in his neighborhood. He has not been able to get to work to determine business losses. However, he, like many of our East Coast colleagues, have lost all of their merchandise due to power outage and flooding. Please be praying and thinking of our colleagues.
At this point, I would suggest that there is no action that NABM can be taking. However, as we move forward, we must stand ready to help our brothers and sisters. They will need our support, advocacy, and in some cases, perhaps, money. We are a family. We will do what we are able to do. I have spoken to Nicky. He has spoken to most of our colleagues. They are okay physically; mentally and emotionally is, of course, another matter.
At your service,
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Kevan Worley
Executive Director
National Association of Blind Merchants
kevanworley at blindmerchants.org<mailto:kevanworley at blindmerchants.org>

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