[vendtalk] Oklahoma & so many questions!

Rhonda Hutson rhondahutson3 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 03:30:59 UTC 2012

I have so many questions and slowly asking them.

Apparently Illinois has figured out how to do the unassigned vending in their state. I think we have a strong enough law to do the same. I need guidance because I don’t know where to begin!

Next we are trying to re-do our process in the selection process with our business plans & interview questions because some of the managers do not think the selection process is fair enough. Tim, I’ll be calling you later this week. Thanks for giving me your contact information!

I’m concerned about the cancellation of the RSVA Pepsi contract ... will that raise the prices we are currently charged now even if we are going to go with Amerisource?

I’m interested in learning more about the Tennessee & the program that they were able to work out with the prisons and the software they have developed. How much would it cost another state to come on board with this? We seem at this point to be locked into Aramark & I feel that if we had the freedom to choose our suppliers, it would give us an edge. I need to know that we have the oppoortunity with our current laws that we can decide our faith.

I am asking for guidance and honestly don’t know where to begin. Oklahoma has been operating by themselves for a long time and we need advice, support and  guidance. I feel like we are fish out of the water. Please, I welcome input and wisdom.

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