[vendtalk] Christine Ha, Blind Chef from Houston wins MasterChef

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Tue Sep 11 23:48:03 UTC 2012

FYI - 

From: Madrigal,Barbara J. (Texas DARS/Division for Blind Services)


Those of you who are regular viewers of FOX television's

MasterChef series may already be aware of this news, but we're

pleased to let you know that one of our Houston consumers,

Christine Ha, is the newly crowned MasterChef!  Christine, who is

legally blind, competed against 100 other home chefs for this

honor during the course of this reality television show's third

season.  Christine takes home a nice trophy, a $250,000 cash

prize, and an opportunity to publish her own cookbook.  


Congratulations go out to Christine and to the DBS staff in the

Houston region who provided training and support to make this



Barbara J. Madrigal

Assistant Commissioner 

DARS - Division for Blind Services


Celebrating Over 80 Years of Legendary Service to Texans who are



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