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Hi, I believe the key words are consistent behavior.  If the SLA has
provided appropriate and adequate training in the classroom and onnthe-job,
and clear expectations of desired consistent behavior is communicated to the
individual, then and only then, should the person be terminated, and other
properly trained individuals should be given consideration ahead anyone who
has been terminated.  It is my experience that too many operators are
sacrificed to cover-up the failure of an SLA to properly train, communicate
clear high achievablemeasurable expectations, and consistent monitoring and
follow-up and follow through with the clear expectations of accountability
action for non-compliance by any and all non-compliant operator.  The SLA
and operators alike must be held to consistent clear expectations and
accountability.  This is the best business practice to protect, grow, and
preserve the opportunity and priority far into the future for blind persons.

It is my experience as an advocate and representative to vendors that all
too often a vendor is sacrificed to cover-up the failure of the SLA to
provide adequate training, communicate clear  expectations, and provide
monitoring and positive support. 

Terry Eagle

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Dear Fellow Vendors,

If a vendor has been pushed out of BEP because he will not service his
location and gets complaints from the building  manager should he be
allowed back in the program?  We have talked on this listserv about
vendors performing and protecting Randolph Sheppard.  If a vendor's
behavior consistently hurts the reputation of the program, shouldn't
we give another blind guy an opportunity to operate a business?
Please share your thoughts.


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