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Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Tue Jan 8 16:19:25 UTC 2013

Greetings team,

Many of you have the opportunity to carry Push Water in your locations. This is particularly true in the mid-Atlantic states, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana and coming soon in other areas. The folks who partner with us have been kind enough to put a National Federation of the Blind logo and a message to "text to give for Braille literacy" on each bottle. We asked them to help us promote our cause. We asked them to keep the price of this water low and competitive. We have been told by many of our colleagues that they would purchase and at least try the water in their vending, snack bars, etc. Nicky Gacos is selling about 20 cases a week. I know that we had a couple of blind vendors in Indiana who also have done well with the product. I'm asking that you at least try a few cases available from Vistar. The folks at Push Water did us a favor. I'm not asking you to do something harmful to the biz, but water is water. If you're going to carry water with a wholesale price of around $7 a case, please stock Push Water. Thanks for your help if you are able. It's important to get the word out about the National Federation of the Blind and our "text to give for Braille literacy" program. Your help is appreciated.

At your service,

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Kevan Worley
Executive Director
National Association of Blind Merchants
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