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Dennis Horn dhorn12 at cfl.rr.com
Sat Jul 19 22:36:02 UTC 2014

I was probably the foremost proponent of joining the Randolpph Shepard
buying group(RSBG) but have become completely disillusioned.  Over the past
eight months I have been in continuous contact with the people at RSBG and
have been told the tremendous benefits that would come to the participants.
I checked to see if these promises could possibly be true and found they
could.  But they haven't.


I am realizing greater rebates than I received from AmeriSource but not
close to what I was told to expect.  I keep fairly accurate records and know
approximately what I should receive.  Last quarter when the numbers did not
jive, I spent many weeks trying to get a detailed summary of how the rebate
was determined.  AmeriSource provided this information along with the check.
When RSBG begrudgingly provided this information I found the rebate I
received was mostly that for Pepsi.  There were no rebates for Mars, my
largest rebate in the past, Hershey, Mrs. Freshley's, Cloverhill, Wrigley's,


If it were not for the Pepsi rebate I would have withdrawn from RSBG then
and there.  I stayed on only after assurances from RSBG that the next
quarter would be in order and detailed summaries would be provided.  Now the
1Q2014 rebates have arrives and my rebate is considerably short of what I
expected.  Also, I did not receve the promised detailed summary to see if it
was my mistake or RSBG's.  To top it off, I been ignored is my request for
an explanation.  I have had enough.




For the past six months a number of operators and myself have considered
putting together our own buying group.  A number of these operators are
anxious to get started.  I have prevented this by assuring them that RSBG
would eventually get its act together and we would all prosper.  But I have
lost my confidence and trust in RSBG.  So, the journey/ endeavor begins.


There are some advantages and disadvantages to this endeavor.



Minimal fees, I envision a nonprofit buying group that would only deduct
operating expenses.  We would eliminate the profit taken out by middle men,
RSGP/ Amerisource.  Eventually, this would be between 5%-10% instead of the
25%-30% we are now being assessed.



We would be blind operators working for blind operators.  AmeriSource used
the buying power of the blind to create meaningful rebates which he offered
to non-blind operators.  



We would be starting small and may not realized sizable rebates for 1-2



Corporate structure.  There has to be a central control. This is why I am
sending out this message.  We have approximately $2 mil in sales from6-7
operators in Florida.  This is enough to get started.  If that number can be
increased to $5 mil, however, every meaningful rebate product source would
be open to negotiating with us.  We also would be able to join other larger
vending buying groups.


There is much more to this.  If you have any desire to join the rebate
conscious vendors in going down this road please respond to me directly.
The longest journey begins with the first step.



Dennis Horn 


Blindster Vend


DHorn at blindsterVend.com <mailto:DHorn at blindsterVend.com> 

407-242-4395, mobile



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