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I read about this all day yesterday. I think it is so wonderful. I am so excited about it. These can really improve the quality of my life substantially. I think it would do the same for many visually impaired people. I thought it was telling that one of the testers in the video was blind. I do hope this is not an instance were government stands in the way of us getting access to this technology as soon as possible.

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>   1. Google Reveals Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel    or
>      Brakes (Vandervoort's via vendtalk)
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> Subject: [vendtalk] Google Reveals Self-Driving Car with No Steering
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> Subject: Google Reveals Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel or Brakes
> Opinion - This technology is coming, and in my lifetime!  Life will not be
> the same, and hopefully, it will be for the better.  Heck, I volunteer to be
> one of the testers but Texas has chosen not to adopt the required
> legislation and regulations to allow for it, yet.  - Mike Vandervoort
> Google Reveals Self-Driving Car with No Steering Wheel or Brakes
> Note: A link to a YouTube video is at the end.
> Article - Jason O. Gilbert Technology EditorMay 27, 2014
> "Taking a spin behind the wheel" might soon be a phrase from the past.
> On Tuesday night Google unveiled the latest version of its Self-Driving Car:
> a vehicle that can navigate and drive by itself and that does not feature a
> steering wheel, brakes, or acceleration pedal. "Fully autonomous driving has
> always been the goal of our project," Google?s self-driving vehicle team
> said in a statement, ?because we think this could improve road safety and
> help lots of people who can?t drive.?We?re now developing prototypes of
> vehicles that have been designed from the ground up to drive themselves?just
> push a button and they?ll take you where you want to go.?
> The car uses the same navigation software as Google?s other self-driving
> vehicles, which have racked up 70,000 miles on the road already. Previous
> versions of Google?s self-driving car feature a steering wheel and pedals,
> should the driver needs to override the computer?s navigation; they have
> also always been on the road with a driver behind the (literal) wheel.
> This new, truly driverless car, according to a blog on Google?s website,
> would eliminate the need for the driver to look for parking (the car could
> do it on its own, as you walked off) and also potentially wipe out drunk
> driving incidents. It could also let older people, who have lost the faculty
> to drive, get back behind the ?? well, to get back in the car.
> According to tech blog Recode, Google hopes to start testing the car in
> earnest this summer. The car has upgraded sensor technology, Recode reports,
> and the same navigation technology that is used in its driver-laden (yet
> driverless) cars.
> Google also shared a promotional video of its (really cute!) self-driving
> car.
> The car is still in its early testing phases and is not expected to be on
> sale any time soon. It will also have to pass regulatory hurdles; American
> lawmakers have proven somewhat skeptical of Google?s first attempts at a
> self-driving car. Current California law requires that there be a licensed
> driver behind the wheel.
> Google?s other self-driving car ?? the one with a steering wheel and pedals
> ?? is also still in development, and also lacks a projected release date.
> Experts say that it could be on the road by the end of the decade, however.
> Another longer article is at
> http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/05/28/googles-new-dri
> verless-car-has-no-brakes-or-steering-wheel/?tid=hp_mm
> Video link
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqSDWoAhvLU&feature=player_embedded
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