[vendtalk] help required to sort assistive technology for my friend

mukesh jain mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 06:35:40 UTC 2015

I have just now joined this group. Hence, would like to first
introduce myself. Then will switch to my query.
I am Mukesh writing this mail from India. I am very much keen to learn
about new technological advancements that contributes to the skills
pertaining to the independent living abilities for the visually
impaired. Hence, would like to learn the same from all of you. I hope
that I will have good amount of sharing on this platform. Now coming
back to my question:
 Recently, I met one person who had lost his vision nearly 18 years ago
at the age of 18 while pursuing the first year of graduation. He left
his studies due to sheer depression. He is also suffering from polio
with one leg since childhood which made this depression deeper.

After leaving his studies, he decided to learn the business of his
family with the hope to make his further survival. Due to his true
devotion, hard work and dedication, today he owns one shop dealing in
to marketing various foodstuffs like wheat, rice, oil etc on the
wholesale basis. He has hired the required staff to help him out to
perform several duties like handling customers, dealing with cash
transactions, assisting him to commute from one place to another etc.

Spending such a long period of time in this business, now he would
like to be independent to avoid dependency of anyone in his business
as he noticed that there are several occasions where he had to
compromise on few things like trusting on the information provided by
others like weight and measurement of the goods he is selling to his
customers. He already has the digital weighing machine installed in
his shop to measure the goods but this does not provide him any
talking support.

Since he has to measure the items which are packed in one sack like
rice, wheat, etc in the quantities up to 60kgs, what can be the way
out to measure these items independently for him? Are there any such
talking weighing machines available in India or abroad?

I have seen the products like talking bathroom scale and talking
kitchen scale offered by RNIB but does not seems to fulfill his needs
as former is meant to measure the weight of human being and the latter
is for measuring the small items in the kitchen up to 5kgs.

So kindly throw some light on this concern.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Mukesh jain
Mukesh.jain57 at gmail.com
mukeshheerachandjain at ntpc.co.in
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