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I have been told that the greeting of each person as soon as the person
walks into a bank is more of a security strategy than pure hospitality.
Greeting a person communicates to the person greeted that they have been
seen, and that such contact could make identification easier and more
reliable, should the person have any thoughts or plan to commit a robbery,
and such possible identification may be a deterant to the thought or plan.

I agree speaking over a customer sends a message that that person being
served is not the most important in that moment, however I understand the
strategy being used by a financial institution business.

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Subject: [vendtalk] scripted greeting

When anyone walks into my branch of Fifth Third Bank they are  always 
greeted with " Welcome to Fifth Third Bank".  If you are at a teller  doing 
business, they will speak over you and greet the person entering the  bank.
people are backed up in line, each new person entering the bank  is 
greeted,"Welcome to Fifth Third Bank."  
I go there three times a week and find  it annoying and  insincere.  When 
they speak over me to greet someone, I think that is  rude.  
I am only speaking about the branch I use and do not know if  the greeting 
policy is system wide.  The bank must think it is good  customer service.  
What do you think?  Do you have a scripted greeting  for your guests?  If
what is your greeting?  
Charles Hackney
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